From destination to fashion, technology to consumer products, filmed entertainment to talent, our diverse clientele rely on our expertise to reach audiences, mass and niche, in an increasingly complex media environment.

We work across departments to meet client needs and achieve shared results.

Equally adept in strategic planning as in tactical execution, BWR may be best defined by our relentless creativity and youthful spirit. With a specialty in event marketing, we have developed and executed thousands of product launches, celebrity soirees, gala fundraisers and venue  debuts, opening consumer minds to fresh ideas and experiences.

We know how to launch new brands, and how to reenergize well-known ones.

With strong synergy between our Entertainment and Lifestyle/Brand divisions, BWR leverages the power of youth and the allure of Hollywood to benefit consumer brands. Our talent clients enhance our media relationships and allow us to conduct value-added entertainment marketing campaigns.

We know Hollywood from the inside, and Hollywood knows BWR.

BWR is equally facile elevating entertainment brands among trade and consumer audiences, concurrently promoting production slates, individual projects and corporate executives. Both within and beyond Hollywood, we work closely with clients to develop communication strategies embracing media relations, strategic alliances and event marketing.



From motion pictures to television to Broadway, BWR serves as a strategic partner in building an actor’s public image and career across all mediums. As talent brand managers, we carefully craft the appropriate sequence and timing of all media and appearances, integrate social media tactics into a comprehensive plan, and provide strategic counsel for brand marketing opportunities. For decades, our Talent division has earned a reputation for assisting both well-established performers seeking to shape their image and emerging actors embarking on their first professional endeavors.


The  BWR TV department has earned a reputation as a bi-coastal team with strong, proven expertise in television with an extensive background in working directly with networks (broadcast & cable), studios, production companies and producers. We strive to and deliver highly respected publicity campaigns that strategically elevate our clients and deliver maximized ROI while engaging the television community and the industry as a whole.

Our team regularly oversees and supports TV clients at TCA, Upfronts, Comic-Con and other conclaves, such as show premieres, For Your Consideration events, awards show red carpets and live show broadcasts.

In the realm of theatrical film, BWR offers expansive services across unit, release, festival and award-season publicity for features and documentaries.



BWR’s music division has generated millions of digital, broadcast and print impressions for a diverse array of Grammy winners, multi-platinum sellers and emerging talent. We create compelling narratives that amplify and help our clients rise above the noise to get heard. We are full business partners to our clients and the scope of our representation covers everything from marketing strategies and album launches to special events and tour support. 




BWR’s Corporate/Lifestyle/Brand division addresses the needs of established and emerging clients seeking the attention of a boutique agency. The division provides unparalleled services to clients and resources to editors, producers, stylists, TV hosts, bloggers and influencers across the country, as well as unique access to the entertainment community. Integrating a creative, 360° approach of media relations, event marketing and influencer outreach, we have launched some of the best-known brands in the world and brought fresh appeal to established brands. We have a long history of helping product clients reach new heights across such diverse categories as technology, beverage/spirits, luxury goods and entertainment services.


Fashion and beauty are primary threads in BWR’s corporate lifestyle practice. We offer boutique-level service to our clients, developing and conducting multi-dimensional product placement, entertainment and founder stories and campaigns for our brands. Adept at pitching trend and seasonal stories, we work to boost our clients’ relevance by tying them into key events and, when needed, creating freestanding events that capture attention. Our L.A. and New York showrooms also allow us to service visiting talent clients, media as well as celebrity stylists who regularly drop by to pull products for photo shoots and events.”


With the understanding that hospitality is experiential, PR campaigns must similarly immerse media and audiences in “five-senses” messaging that evokes emotion and brand affinity. As seasoned experts in hotels, resorts and mixed-use properties, we know what it takes to image a destination. From lavish resorts to intimate hotels, BWR specializes in crafting a communications plan that best distinguishes each property, whether heralding a grand opening or reinvigorating a well-established venue. Each detail matters – from décor to amenities, thread counts to food & beverage service – helping us create a cogent narrative to tell a story.


BWR has launched and supported stores for numerous fashion retailers, specialty shops, markets and malls. We herald every aspect that makes a retail brand special, from product selection to shopping experience.  We conceptualize and bring to life large-scale openings with the same aplomb as creating intimate influencer events with retail partners.  With an eye toward maximizing press, we develop and create interesting elements to make retail events mediagenic, and regularly create buzz by securing talent to be photographed while shopping or leaving a retail store with a branded bag. Modern retail is a highly competitive business, and it requires a PR partner that gives clients an edge.


BWR has waged launch and support campaigns for a breadth of restaurants. Our strategy varies from property to property, with a consistent focus on showcasing talent and highlighting market differentiators. Along with memorable grand opening events, we know that driving ongoing interest through chef tastings, unique onsite programming, blogger mixers, and inviting celebrities and other influencers for dinners, drinks, photo shoots and social media advocacy all can generate buzz and garner a steady stream of attention.


BWR is unequaled in live events, having facilitated thousands of red-carpet celebrity soirees, film festivals, award shows, charity fundraisers, musical concerts, brand parties, venue launches, sports events, fashion runways, art exhibitions, trade shows, public festivals and more.

From intimate to large-scale, we customize our services to the scope of each event and our client’s needs and budget. We regularly work in tandem with, and recommend, a number of reputable event planners, helping ideate theming, décor, venue selection, catering, entertainment and onsite experiences such as social media platforms. We augment client invitation lists by reaching out to appropriate celebrities, influencers and other VIPs. BWR is expert at event logistics, from media areas to seating to overall event flow, and our experienced staff ensures that each moves smoothly from start to finish: from check-ins and red-carpet management of photo ops and interviews to supervision of staff photographer and post-event photo/release servicing.


For over four decades BWR has earned a reputation in distinguishing social advocacy clients, whether through full-service institutional campaigns or annual fundraising events. From those focused on health and wellness, economic justice, equal rights or the environment, we have been effective in raising funds and awareness. Through cogent messaging, event marketing, celebrity/influencer integration and strategic partnerships, we know how to bring news value to a breadth of worthy causes.



It’s not only how well a party is run, but what message the party brings and who is there to evangelize the message that’s important. We work closely with brands to conceptualize, design and create mediagenic signature events, and to integrate into appropriate third-party events, that tell a story resonating beyond its attendees. BWR is attuned to the smallest detail of event logistics, with equal skill in advance planning and ground management. Our events department has developed, executed and publicized literally thousands of red-carpet celebrity soirees, award shows, charity fundraisers, musical concerts, brand parties, destination launches, fashion shows, art exhibitions, public festivals, trade shows and more.



As an adjunct to our traditional media campaigns, BWR is distinguished by our in-house social media department. We recognize that social media is no longer a novelty – it’s an essential leg in the traditional/digital/social media triad that modern clients increasingly need to engage audiences and achieve their communication goals. BWR’s social media department works directly with clients to help develop their social voice, create regular content for sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, provide day-to-day social media account management, and brainstorm innovative contests and other digital initiatives. While guiding clients in emerging social media trends, we provide onsite support for events, from facilitating webcasts to helping VIPs live-post their experiences.



We excel at working with brands to tell their stories. BWR is recognized as one of the first to originate the practice of cross-pollinating brands and celebrities, which has evolved to include social media stars and cultural influencers. We are expert at tapping the power of carefully chosen brand advocates to drive a message and maximize exposure, engaging consumers in an authentic and evocative way. In light of each client’s budget and goals, we customize our efforts through all stages: from initial celebrity research to the “ask,” from negotiating contracts with agents and attorneys to the management of celebrity needs during live events and other creative platforms that give sustained “legs” to an integration.